• Pentax 110 What's In The Case

    The Pentax 110 Cameras Series.

    Asahi Pentax Auto Film 110 Cameras

    What's in the case? I'm glad that you have asked!

    This metal camera case has six Pentax 110 camera bodies all loaded with 110 film, plus the wide range of the detachable lens's.

    In the case we have: (18mm 1: 2.8), (24mm 1:.2.8), (50mm 1:2.8), (70mm 1:2.8) and the Telescopic Lens (20mm-40mm F1:2.8).

    In addition we have 4 flash guns and a motor winder.

    A lot of kit I hear you say! But this was a revolution in the 1970's an Auto SLR Camera system for the general public.

    Now compair your I Phone or Android Phone camera, oh how technology has come a long way in just over 40 years. Enjoy M

    Posted by Mark Fowler