• The Spitfire and Hunter Formation

    A very rare opportunity, getting these two to format, but we got there. This is The Rolls Royce Spitfire and The Delta Jet Hunter. The Spitfire is one of the best loved and widely recognised British aircraft of all time. The Rolls-Royce Spitfire, is an unarmed, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, one of a batch of 79 Mk XIXs built by Supermarine . The Mk XIX was powered by the 2,050 hp Griffon 65 or 66 and represents the pinnacle of the Spitfire’s development in terms of speed and altitude capability with a top speed of 446mph and a ceiling of 42,000ft. The display was fantastic and The Noise of the Griffon well say no more. Enjoy Mark

    Posted by Mark Fowler