• Military Flying Maritime Reconnaissance South Atlantic Part III

    The detachment in the Falklands was a whole lot of fun, it threw up many unique flying opportunities, I was having a ball.  250 Feet Low-Level around the Falklands, dropping supplies to snow stranded troops, stuck out in the extremities of the Falklands, plus a lot more, but that's to come.

    I planned, hoped and tried to get a trip to the Antarctica, but it wasn’t approved, instead we had the go ahead on a second air drop to South Georgia Grytviken, HMS Somerset, was in the bay so supplies where dropped to the Destroyer.

    Following the airdrop we climbed to 15,000 feet and headed to the South East to prearranged rendezvous with a VC10 Tanker for Air to Air refuelling, taking on the fuel up for the second part of the mission, 250 feet low level Maritime Reconnaissance down through the South Sandwich Isles to SouthernThule, coming in part 3.



    Posted by Mark Fowler