• Kodak 1960's Instamatic Pt III


    It has intrigued me for a while now, how the development and the rise of the smart phones and the implementation of their associated cameras has really opened up photography. Image capture now be easily exported globally to the masses via, Facebook, Google + Linkedin, Twitter.

    With new electronic lenses, additions to the phone based lenses and software, has enabled people to explore and capture images.  In conjunction with these new images, new picture BLOG websites have been set up, people can now finally share their life events through this media. They also have the freedom to say what they want, through their pictures. Technology has truly come a long way in a very short decade.

    This is the second great watershed moment, where man has had the ability to take pictures on mass.  The first revolution being when Kodak introduced in the 1960’s the 126 cartridge based film format and the associated point and shoot cameras, particularly, Kodak’s own Instamatic series of cameras.

    The 126 film point and shoot cameras gave photography in the 1960’s to the masses, this affinity lasted until very recently until 2008 when manufacturing ceased and development halted. With the 126 film people had the ease of a cartridge film which was easy to load and remove after the film was used, the film does not need to be rewound, and is very simple to load and unload.



    Posted by Mark Fowler