• Military Aviation The Aero Medical Evacuation

    It was a very long and hard flight, due to the soldiers significant injuries. He had stood on a land mine during the conflict and was in a pretty bad way.  He was located in the middle of the aircraft with the Medical Team tending to him constantly. We where tasked out of Theatre and headed to Kuwait, Kuwait had already been recaptured and what remained of the Airport, available as long as you remained on the Concrete, land mines in the bondo.  Due to his injuries we had to maintain the cabin pressure at sea level, due to the cavity damage of the patient. This meant that the flight took longer and would use more fuel, we flew form Kuwa it to RAF Northolt the transportation of the patient to a London Hospital. On Route we where ready to divert to certain Airfields if required.  It was a long and very tiring day but the Patient survived, which it was all about.

    Posted by Mark Fowler