• Falmouth University Portfolio

    1.  Saunton Sands Blue Panorama North Devon. This image was constructed by stitching 6 pictures of equal exposures,in total 5 images where taken, with slight up and down variations in exposure, to get this one image.  Also using my home made polarizer and blue filter holder. Shot with a Nikon D2X Camera and 80-400mm lens

    2.  My first Film Production at Saunton Sands, filming an adaptation of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  The C-47 Dakota landed and took off several times, during the shoot, making some spectacular pictures. The was aircraft used a prop during filming.  I was very lucky to get this picture, it's the first time that I got told off, but worth the effort.

    3.  Lundy Storm, taken at mid point on the hill over looking Woolacombe Beach North Devon, using My Nikon D2x and 28mm -70mm Lense, with a polarizer.  A very moody picture.

    4.  My Friends from my previous flying career, undertaking Abnormal Surface Operations at Saunton Sands Beach North Devon, in preparation for Dirt Strip Operations in Afghanistan . Taken using my Nikon D2X using my 80mm-400mm Nikon lens.

    5.  I managed to rescue several camera, cars, aircraft and many other adverts from donated National Geographic magazines from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's a true gold mine.  As I collect cameras from these era's, I thought that combining the adverts and the cameras would make a good article for my BLOG.

    6.  This is my Friend Will and I call this my Dark Light series.  I used my Nikon D700 and SB 800 flash guns with a few soft boxes.

    7.  My first Leopard, taken in Khana National Park in Madhya Pradesh India.  The Park that Inspired Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.  Taken on the back of an Elephant at a 45 degrees on the hill, I was very lucky, especially as this beautiful animal decided to sit and watch us.  A very Wonderful Day and to see such a Beautiful Animal, Priceless.

    8.  The Red Arrows Palm Split, one of their set pieces for the display.  Taken at The Royal International Air Show Fairford.  Taken using my Nikon D700 and 28mm - 40mm lens, balancing on the top of my van.

    9.  Tiger Cub,  Khana National Park India,  I managed to track these cubs, with three Elephants, this is the top of the mountain and finally the sun shine.  Beautiful Animals.

    10.  Food Photography in a local Restaurant.  This is the back drop for the shoot, with the freshly cooked meals, put into place and photographed and I got to eat the food too.

    11.  Extreme Windsurfing Maui Hawaii, this is the Goita, essentially a few seconds of free fall. Nikon D2X and Nikon  600mm Lens.  Hawaii what a wonderful place, great light and it's warm, my Professional Windsurfing Association Days.

    12.  Aerial Photography North Devon, this is the West Coast, the Picture consisting of three images stitched together, taken in a 25 Degree left hand turn. To the right Saunton Sands Hotel, then Down End Croyde Village, Baggy Point and in the distance Woolacombe Beach and Woolacombe itself. Taken using D700 and Nikon 28mm-70mm and a lot of luck.

    Posted by Mark Fowler