It was the most amazing part of my life, being a Hercules Captain in the Royal Air Force.  I had some great flying adventures, which gave me plenty of life changing experiences, this page talks about my experiences and what part we played in Maritime Reconnaissance in the South Atlantic

It was the flight of a life time, a lot of hard work, the mission split into 4 sectors. Flying from the Falklands medium level 18,000 feet level to South Georgia, airdrop, refuel from the VC10 Tanker at 18,000 feet, then Maritime 250 feet Low-level Reconnaissance, flying down the South Sandwich Isles.  All planning was done and off we went heading South for South Georgia Island.


      The Reconnaissance Area            The Central South Georgia Mountain Range 

 After the medium level transit, 18,000 feet, we descended into low level 500 feet at Bird Island to the North of South Georgia and headed to Grytviken bay for the Air Drop, in the bay to the Royal Marine Detachment.  A busy time negotiating, the terrain the winds in the bay and the high mountain range an initial approach checked the wind and direction and we were then set for the airdrop

 After arriving at the bay the Hercules was configured for the drop at 500 feet, all pre-dropping checks complete, we commenced the drop.  Drop completed we climbed over the South Georgia Mountain range to 18,000 feet for our rendezvous with the VC10 for our all important Air to Air Refuel, for the next stage of the mission. 


    South Georgia                                         Low-Level Approach to the Island

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